For those of you not familiar with the Dial A Rock arrests, it all started off of a traffic arrest for no valid drivers license. It blossomed into a federal investigation with far reaching implications into the depth of an operation distributing cocaine in the northwest suburbs for over teen years. What is even more of interest is the possible ties to the Mexican Drug Cartels.  These organizations have infiltrated all over the United States into major cities, including Chicago, Atlanta, LA and Dallas. The new head of the Chicago DEA Jack Riley has made these organizations and their links to local street gangs his number one priority.

Now if only Chiefs of Police, Police Administrators, Mayors and politicians would understand that the effects of gangs and the strong influence from the Mexican Drug Cartels have on their communities safety, As evidenced in the Dial-A-Rock Investigation then perhaps law enforcement can begin to reduce the influence. The War on Drugs is no longer a war, it is now an insurrection! Time will only tell.