Whether you've managed to get a room in the Halls of Residence, a bed-sit or sharing with a friend you'll want to make your living space your home by the trendiest yet cheapest ways possible!

Try to choose furniture with modern, clean lines and neutral colours - choose quality upholstery/materials that have more staying power such as a leather upholstered desk chair. Such items will transition into a multiple of styles when you do decorate your first home.

Accessories are needed in a study/bedroom as the universities rarely offer much more than white walls, a standard single bed, desk and a shelf. When considering décor pieces, imagine what you would like to see in your first apartment - will it be self-graffitied files or sophisticated ones made from leather? Do you want a beautiful house plant or will it be a plant-pot full of loose coins, spare pens and cocktail straws? Coloured glass is a pretty accessory in various forms and is a timeless décor piece. Just remember to take care of your plant with adequate water and light!

Hide a shabby or threadbare carpet with cheap rugs; opt for bright colours and bold patterns to bring a 'zing' into your new 'home'!

Image: a life's design