In an apartment that just accommodates all of your belongings but with little space to spare, some clever design tips are in order. When choosing furniture for the lounge, do look for slimmer forms that don't bulk out your room near to explosion; plus, a sofa without arms is going to give the impression of more openness. Armless furniture helps a great deal when you want to have a more airy feel in the lounge or dining room should you have one. Furthermore, with the sofa in place you should figure out the best layout for other pieces that make the most of your limited space whilst still allowing for good human traffic. Bring your furniture to the centre of the room as opposed to pushing up against the walls and anchor this zone with a statement floor rug (just don't have too much busy pattern or colour going on).

This moving around actually creates another dilemma for some - those who can't stand to see the back of the sofa and the seemingly wasted floor space. Don't stress; I suggest pushing a console table to the back of the sofa that is both slim and at the ideal height (about a foot lower than the sofa back) - a glass top is particularly good to increase that open feeling. The console table can double up as a decorative piece and a home study/work area with a funky table lamp uk and vase of fresh flowers.