1. Have the Right Attitude - Don’t think: “A gang’s going to get my kids, and I can’t stop it.” Recognize that you play an important part in keeping your kids out of gangs.
  2. Be involved in your child’s life.  - Show interest in your child’s schoolwork, hobbies and friends. Work to build open, ongoing communication with your child. Listen without being quick to judge. Set aside time for positive family activities. Monitor what your child watches and listens to, especially TV shows, music, and movies that promote gangs or violence. Encourage your child to spend time wisely – studying, doing chores, or participating in sports, hobbies, art, scouts or volunteer groups.
  3. Be a Good Role Model - Don’t abuse alcohol or other drugs. If you have a problem with drugs, violence or anything else that interferes with family life, get help. Honor your work and expect your child to do the same.
  4. Teach Good Values and Responsibility - Emphasize strong family values, including respect and responsibility. Show by your example how much your value these traits. Be consistent about discipline. Hold your child answerable for his or her behavior. Teach your child respect for authority.  Establish clear limits and rules; expect your child to follow them.
  5. Safeguard Your Child -  Know the “Three W’s”
                      1.Where your child is?
                      2.What he or she is doing?
                      3.Who he or she is with?