Get the lighting and the mood right. If there is too much light, get some Venetian blinds. If there is not enough light, get a table lamp UK. It's tiring and counterproductive to work in too much light or too little light. Depending on what your work is, you might not need anything but a little bit of sunshine. The blinds will help you regulate the light coming in and out of the room and then you can electronically regulate any more or less light that you might need. In addition, leave out the TV and the radio. Some people claim that they can't work without some background noise, so a relaxing waterfall or a noise machine might be in order, but do not put anything at your work space that will visually or aurally distract you.

Get a comfortable chair to sit in while you work, and take care of your desk! It is impossible to get anything done if you are constantly worried that your desk is going to fall apart. Make sure that your workspace is sturdy and ready to be used for what you need it for. In addition, place any appliances or work related items you need on your desk and take away any distractions or non-work related items.

It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to organise your things and remove anything that isn't needed. This will make your work space a real work space and make everything else fall into place. If you are a stickler for d├ęcor, don't hesitate to look for appliances or a Venetian blind in a style that matches or compliments your desk.

Image: A Life's Design