Well the very first day of Instructor Certification has completed. In attendance were people from Lee County Florida, Miami, Indianapolis Indiana and Toronto Canada.

To recap what was covered here are the highlights:
  • The Origins of the Program
  • GATE Program Objectives
  • Legal Information and Case Law
  • Classroom Issues, dealing with school staff.
  • Creating a positive classroom environment
  • Dealing with students
  • Age appropriate methods
  • Understanding the Millennial's
  • Youth related issues, including ADHD, OCD, ODD
  • Parent Education
  • Making Presentations
  • Program Tracking
  • Surveys and their value to identifying key issues in their communities.
  • Gang Trends
  • Gang Facts
OMG, I absolutely cannot believe that we covered all of this during the training. 8 hours down and 32 more to go. Wow! They really challenged me on this training. They had a lot of great new ideas, we covered so much.