We are high-spirited going into the first week of the New Year and what better way to celebrate than with some whimsical décor inspiration? A touch of whimsy can be achieved by doing something surprising and unexpected with your décor – whether it be an eclectic mix, adding in humour or being creative and playful...something that will raise an eyebrow or two!

Try using garden accessories such as tin watering cans to place flowers in or outdoor lanterns hung above the island unit/dining area. Are you a culture junkie? Show off your travels with items from different corners of the Earth – a Chinese paper lantern, Moroccan mosaic tiles as a back splash and a large African drum as décor – whatever floats your boat!

Also popular with barstools and dining chairs, is having a mixture of styles but all painted in white for a more cohesive look. If you have come this far, why not highlight this whimsy with some interesting lights above the island unit – think about industrial lights in a country kitchen or the use of tinted bulbs. Add splashes of exciting colour to your rooms by choosing brightly coloured and patterned rugs in every room, including the kitchen – it's surprising what a 'lift' adding cheap rugs can do!

Image: House of Turquoise