Creating your personalised home décor does not have to be difficult, but it may take some time to get it all down 'pat'. Do not look at home decorating as a chore but more as a challenge if you will. It might be challenging to try to figure out how to pull your home together, but it is not impossible. Talk to friends and family throughout this process; they will be more than happy to give you feedback on your decorating and interior design ideas!

Need more space?
There are many ways to give the illusion of space in a small room. Light colours, good lighting and carefully chosen and place furniture are just a few tricks you can use to open a small room. You will also want to avoid installing shelves or other protruding pieces on the wall. You can make a huge difference in a small bathroom simply by removing shelves!

Add something new to lift your mood!
Add cheap rugs to brighten up dull or faded flooring – it's an inexpensive way to create a whole new look, especially if you coordinate the colours with your curtains, cushions and throws; and no one need know that they're not designer labels!

Image: Belle Maison