Just one big post to make up for the whole month... Get ready... we've been busy...

We spent some time shopping at Ikea for a desk for Macy's new room. Haley and Reed took the opportunity to "lay out" and take a rest... reason why Reed's eyes are closed.
School carnival at Haley's new school. I was running the SkeeBall Game for a while, so Macy was going around with Reed and Haley.
After being in our new home for about 6 weeks, we finally got our appliances and installed them! Yippee! And our first endeavor in our new oven? Why cookies of course! And they were super yummy!
Haley got really into soccer this season and turned out to be quite the little goalie.
Our church youth group spent one Saturday making a Temple Trek. They started near us and walked almost 25 miles to the Portland Oregon Temple. It took them about 8 hours, but they were amazing and all made it. It was a pretty awesome day! Here are Chad and his buddy, Charles, hitting the finish line...
This is Luke's group almost there.
Taking a break and eating lunch and then the final mile to the temple.
Look at all those green shirts walking thru Portland! We had over 70 youth and 20 leaders. It was amazing!!!
Macy and I were lucky enough to join in for the final mile.
Our final ending. Heaven on earth.
What a group of awe-inspiring people!
Luke and Chad with our amazing Bishop Bair!
New thing... Pumpkin Patch with Reed's preschool.
And taking everyone else to the giant pumpkin patch later in the week. We always love this one. Giant corn maze, hay ride, TONS of pumpkins, lots of fun!
Homecoming parade. One of the reasons I love living in a small town! The parade went all thru downtown - a few times - around the schools and back to the high school. This is Luke and Macy's middle school "float" and since Luke is in ASB he was on it, and Macy was drafted to join as well. Luke is in the front as one of the football players, and Macy is sitting all the way in the back.
Haley dressed up for Superhero Day at school.
I got to give a talk in church. This was my "sneaky" view from the front. Scared me out of my wits, but I did it. Gave a talk on "Courageous Parenting", and apparently did a good job (at least that's what I've heard), and showed my kids what it takes for me to be "courageous".
Our house all decorated for Halloween. Looks really cool at night with all the orange and purple lights that D hung up.
Macy's first band performance. She decided to play the clarinet this year. She is on the left side, second row.
Look how pretty and grown up she's getting!!!
Reed in his Skeleton costume! This is all he wanted for Halloween. The cheaply made costume from Target. Whatever. Only cost me $10 and totally made for a happy little boy!
Another reason to love our small town... our annual Boo Bash. Every year, the Wednesday before Halloween all the kids can go trick or treating to all the stores in our downtown. Tons of fun and always neat to see all our friends.
(Reed, Macy, Haley, friend Allison and D)
Tommy joining us this time, Allison, Haley, Macy and Reed
Reed with D wearing his mask!
Reed was the best witch (or should that be a warlock?) in his preschool Halloween play
Luke's choir concert (only two nights after the band concert). Best choir concert ever! They got a new Director and she did an awesome job with all the choirs! (Luke is in the front, center.)
A normal in our house. Walking into our room and finding D asleep across the bed. Not sure how this is comfortable at all.
Church party with Trunk or Treating
Macy and some of her peeps - Alina, Sierra, Julia, Jacqueline, Emma and Aubrey
Reed, Haley and Luke. Luke has two costumes on, a Chewbacca one on under the big bad wolf one - that is why he looks so giant... and ended up shedding Chebacca after a while because he got way too hot!
Halloween Smores in a Jar - all ready to be "Boo-ed"!
Spending Sunday afternoon looking through all the ads marking the items we want Santa to bring us.

So there you go. October in a nutshell. Hope it gives you an idea of what we've been up to.