Tonight it's Halloween and if you're having friends or family coming round to enjoy the evening you can create a superb Halloween inspired dining room which isn't full of cobwebs, black and scary accessories.

Be inspired by autumnal nature and use gourds, fruit and vegetables as your table decoration. Pumpkins would of course be ideal, along with prickly chestnuts, golden leaves and even shiny conkers. Use pale coloured table cloths or table runners and individual place mats. To add to the typical celebrations pull blackout or wood-weave window blinds down and illuminate the room with a copious amount of candles.

If you prefer a more traditional approach, them black and orange make great colour combinations, you could even paint pumpkins black and use sculls, bats and witches as decorations!

Halloween is associated with the Catholic festival of All Saints as well as the pagan festival Samhain; tomorrow there's a public holiday in many European countries, which is called the Day of the Dead in France. This isn't all about zombies rising from their graves but a day to remember all departed loved ones.

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Happy Halloween!

Image: Shelterness