Brrrrr, it's getting colder by the day or certainly feels like it although we've had an Indian Summer and temperatures are above average for the time of year!

Before the really cold weather does arrive (and we all know that it will!) now is the time to think about interior design winter warmers – so if you put off fixing a draughty window or the wind is whistling through your patio doors you should put these right or do something about them!

Thermal blinds are an ideal solution and can be fitted to all windows whether they're double glazed or not. Statistics show that most homes lose a tremendous amount of heat through their windows despite them being double glazed.

Triple glazing can of course reduce heat loss but that would also be a major investment few of us can afford. So, the next best thing is to give your window dressings some more layers. Fitting thermal blinds, roller blinds and even lining your curtains will help reduce heat loss.

Use both, fully lined curtains and thermal blinds, and you'll be giving your windows a double helping of insulation which will lower fuel bills and keep you snug even on the coldest days and nights.

Image: Mogul Interiors/Blog