One of my favorite things to do in my closet is to find old clothes that I haven't worn in a loooong time, try them on and get all excited because either A) it fits and I have another amazing piece to add to my wardrobe that I paid $0 for (but in actuality I did pay for it a long time ago) or B) it doesn't fit so I make a run to Plato's Closet and get some money to spend on other clothing.

So it's basically win-win for me. The only problem is that some of my clothing holds sentimental value, even if it doesn't fit. So I end up keeping it and vowing to get in shape to wear it again, but it's out of season by the time it happens (if ever).

But today was double win-win (so win-win-win-win) because I wore this Urban Outfitters sweatshirt that I got in 2008 (granted the arms are little snug) and my Navy North Face vest from 2008, which I completely forgot about until yesterday when I saw some cute vests walking around campus and I thought "I want a vest," but then *light bulb* I do have a vest! And behold, this outfit was born.

To make this outfit even better, it feeds my fur obsession even more. I hope everyone has a great weekend. Mine will be filled with studying, writing a paper and pancakes...yes pancakes.

Happy Friday!

Vest: The North Face
Jeans: American Eagle
Sweatshirt: Urban Outfitters (2008)
Scarf: Target
Boots: Uggs
Necklace: Gift
Backpack: The North Face
Sunglasses: Cat Eye Clubmaster Ray Ban