During autumn, I love to wear colors that match the surrounding colors. The only problem with Laramie is that my favorite season, with all of its pretty colors, comes and goes so quickly. Fall is literally here and then it's gone. The only thing I'm happy for is that, even from all the snow storms we've had, the snow has not stuck around.

This is just a forewarning, once the snow does hit and stick, pictures will be indoors because you will not see my pretty face without a coat. Last spring, we had a week where the highest temperatures were in the negatives, even during the "warmest part of the day."

But until those cold dark days come, pictures will be outside in the sun. What I do love about winter is the ability to layer clothing. I love to layer. First of all, you can mix many cool patterns and textures and I always throw a scarf on to top off my outfits.
Oh! And another reason to love winter style (especially during the Christmas holiday) is that you can find all sorts of amazing sparkly and lacy dresses, skirts and tops! What girl doesn't love something that glitters!?

Until I can get my hands on some statement pieces, I'll live with my chunky knits and fur vest. Keep an eye out too, I have a new Style Challenge that will debut at the end of the month! I'm super stoked for it! It'll put my closet creativity to the test, which I get a weird high off of.

I'll leave you with this question: What is the one item you are coveting at the moment? I wanted a fur vest *check* maybe pink pants for summer *check* or something sparkly for the upcoming holidays *on the prowl*
Click on the link and steal the look!
Sweater: Old Navy
Scarf: Old Navy
Shoes: Target