K, not really an ode... but still...

I LOVE my uncle. I truly do. He has been a pseudo-father figure for me my entire life... he even stood in the line at our wedding reception. He has always been there for me, between signing my doctor's notes when I was a kid (he's a doctor after all and worked done the street from my school) to buying me my first car when I turned 17 (remember that red Rabbit???? Oh, it was loved... until it's untimely death.). Anyways, he continues to love me... and my family as well.

But, he's also a bit of a joke-ster. He loves to play games with the kids, with money promised at the end. I remember when it was only Chad, Luke and Macy. He decided he would hold a "talent" show and the winner would get money... and only the kids could enter (D and I did try!). So, they all got up and sung their little hearts out, and they all won. That's the way he plays the game. That's even better.

He had a contest at dinner time to see how much the bill was, how much the tax was and how much the gratuity was (that's when we realized that the restuarant had charged us the wrong amount on the tax!).

This last week he offered them each an envelope and told them that there were different dollar amounts in each one and they would get to keep whatever they got. So, he gave them each an envelope, then counted to three and had them all open at the same time. He said, "who's the winner?", and they all said, "me!" (they all had the same amount). That's the right way to play the games.

So anyways, point of the story, besides how much I love him, is that he always gives me his change. And when I say "change", I mean CHANGE! He has buckets all over his house that he puts change in and then whenever I see him he gives it to me. I have to work for it, but I don't mind at all. The work is half the fun... and the kids really enjoy sorting and counting it, looking for state quarters that we might be missing.

So, thanks Uncle B for always be a shining light in our lives! We truly do love you and appreciate all that you do for us!!!