We had rain all of Monday, yesterday afternoon and all through the night.  Liz is supposed to be working in town today but she cannot get there as the road is flooded just near the turn off to Underberg.  She is on her way back here now. 

The packing is underway and so we are getting on top of our move.  I was told that at the weekend a whole bunch will take the tractor and trailer to the new house and remove all the furniture that is there.  So after that we can make our proper move.  The sooner the better.

The little kitten, Ali was almost trodden on by the horse, Billy.  He got an awful fright and is inside now with me.  So I suppose that is one life gone for the little chap.

More packing of boxes coming up for today and hopefully it will be done soon.  Move number 28 is now in progress.