Enough about my love of gadgets (for now!), and on to some love for some of the people in my life and some of the things that they do.

Being a "scouting" family, one of the jobs that my boys look forward to (NOT!) every year is the annual Christmas tree pickup. Not really at all! It's cold (let's see, my computer says 33 degrees), supposed to start snowing, their only morning to sleep in, and a lot of work... but on the other hand, it's the only fundraiser our scout troop is allowed to do, and it typically raises a lot of money which helps to pay for all the scout camps, so we are totally for it.

So, D, Chad and Luke headed out at 8:00 this morning to meet up with the rest of our troop, already with our tree in the back of the trailer... and with a mess of pine needles and water left behind for me to clean up!

Here's hoping they collect LOTS of trees!