Here's to my brand, sparkling new Cricut Expressions machine (even though it's not quite the color I imagined it to be!). I ran out, years ago, and bought a Cricut Personal machine when they were brand new, and I spent a lot of money for it. I bought it at Michaels, and they wouldn't even let you use a coupon. I worked in a scrapbook store at the time, and we didn't think that we would carry them, so buying it at Michaels was my only chance. Then, one day, lo and behold, they came in our shipments. Cricuts of our very own... at an employee discount!!! So, needless to say, the "bargainer" that I am, bought one from the store (at discount), and then promptly returned it to Michaels for the full price (come on, you know you would've done the same thing!).

Anyways, last summer we went to grandma and grandpas house, and grandma had one of the new ones in her craft room. She had bought it at the previous Black Friday and had NEVER used it... now some 7 months later! Needless to say, I told her that if she didn't use it, it would end up mysteriously in my car making the drive back to our house. (Case in point, it was newer, shinier, much more bells and whistles, could take a 12x12 or even 12x24 piece of paper, compared to mine which could only take a 6x12, and it was RED!!! - so you could totally see why it might get stolen). Well, I ended up teaching her how to use it while I was there and then left it, a bit heart-broken, knowing it wouldn't get the true love and respect it so deserved. (I must say though, in the months since, grandma has called me a few times and asked me how to do certain things on it. It's kind of difficult when I didn't have the same machine and was trying to guess how to make it work... but we made it so.)

So this Black Friday, I was totally watching the ads and guess what????? (Oh the joy!) Walmart had a deal on them! Granted, not red... teal, yellow, lime green or purple, but still... a great price, with all the bells and whistles... so this is one of the prizes that Santa brought me. I (heart) Santa. I got the teal one, but it's a lot greener in real life. I'm thinking I should've gotten the yellow one instead but oh, well. Here's to my love of the Cricut machine... and all the "easiness" it puts in my life!!! Especially great for kids' school projects! Last minute lettering for posters... done!!! (That's how I justify this machine... besides everything else it does for me~!)