Ok. So on Friday, Luke was on my Facebook account playing Farmville, and as my status he wrote "someone please send a bouquet, I really need it." He didn't reference Farmville or anything, and people thought I wrote it. There was some confusion, and some concern on the behalf of my lovely friends who thought I might truly NEED a bouquet (I mean really, who doesn't?)

Anyways, yesterday we are out running a bunch of errands. Pull into our driveway, and behind us pulls a florist delivery truck, looking for me. I'm like, who would be sending me flowers???? And why???? I read the card, and it says, "thinking of you, Alondra". One of my sweet Young Women from back in the day. A little confused (although happy out of the world to receive some beautiful flowers), I'm like, what the heck? And Derrick says, "I bet it has to do with what Luke posted on your FB account yesterday."

Sure enough. She read the post, was worried, the florist was closing in half an hour, and before I could answer her back, she had sent me flowers. Goes with the chocolate cake. I love when people do the unexpected just because. I hope that I am one of those people too.

So thanks to my friends and family out there who think of me and everyone else. Thanks for listening to those inner voices, and for trying to make people's day with a little effort. A smile goes a long way, ya know?