Well here we are at the cottage.  The name of the cottage is "Droplet" and is situated on Watermead Farm.  We managed to get all our stuff moved on Saturday and are now busy with opening boxes and getting the house up and running.  I feel about thirty years older and have found muscles and bones where I never expected them to be, and they all hurt.  Retirement is not for Sissy's.

This Sunday we will have the Drak Challenge canoeists paddling past our house.  We are expecting quite a few spectators here at the river.  Hmmm, I wonder if a couple of cases of coke and wors rolls will sell. This could help pay for our move.

We have a lot of work to do here at the cottage and I have already managed to get a lot of stuff done.  Electrics and shelving and suchforth, but I cannot aim the DSTV dish.  My compass is very attracted to the tin roof and has no idea where north or east are.  So Dick will have to get it set up for us.  He is our local TV guy and knows his stuff.