The second of the interior design trends that will be seen this year is 'Surprising Empathy'. The world's interior design gurus say that consumers are no longer satisfied with re-imagined concepts which is forcing interior designers to push the boundaries to create new innovation and products. The trend is characterised by angular structures, with greys and black highlighted with splashes of yellow or orange; which enables us to use bright neons and coral tones which will be taking red and pink to new levels of concentrated use.

It's all in the detailing:
Detailing and your own personality will mean a lot around your home in 2011. You'll need to ditch the high-tech and return to items which are true to your heart – basically anything which has meaningful purpose to you – an heirloom or your own art work will be right on-trend in making your home truly unique. In smaller living spaces, where comfort is the main focus, make sure your interior design ideas are meaningful and have their own story to tell. This doesn't mean you have to turn to fantasy or characters from books, although these won't be snubbed if they're true to your heart.

Image: atticmag