Consider the colours that you could use in your dining room, it is best to keep to monotone, for example just simply black and white, or a variation on this theme, blue and yellow, both of these and any other colour mood you want to create, will be fine for your complete dining experience, and at the same time will give you the chance to really to make the most of your kitchen and dining area. If you are in any doubt just look at the people who have already undertaken such projects of making a kitchen truly one of the most important rooms in their house.

Opulent and grandiose dining rooms could be focused on crystal decanters placed on the table, as well as crystal glasses that all go to make the overall effect one of feeling extremely privileged and at the same time proud to be there! More often than not centred over the middle of the table would be a huge chandelier scattering the light to all parts of the room, and this was often offset by the furniture that was placed in the room, large ornate pieces of wood fashioned into cabinets and sideboards and all in dark wood.

Place designer rugs under the table to help ground your colours; remember that a dining room rug should be sufficiently large so that when the chairs are pulled out they are still within the rug, rather than being half on your other flooring. This will also provide a more symmetrical look to the room.

Of course no dining table would have been complete without the most finest of cutlery being laid out in perfect symmetry and style!

Image: Vintage + Chic