If you are expecting your first baby, decorating the nursery is new territory. The first order of business will be to choose an overall theme, if you plan on using one. For example, many parents to be will wait until they can determine the sex of the baby and then choose gender appropriate themes. Princesses for little girls and sports themes are common for boys, though these are far from the only option. Current animated television shows and films are often used to decorate a new baby room.

A nursery should have a variety of lighting options. Overhead lights are great most of the time however, there will be times when you want nothing more than a night light for late night feeds or area lighting for specific tasks such as reading to your baby at bedtime. One simple way to create mood lighting is by installing a dimmer switch. You can also use strategically placed cheap table lamps and small night-lights.

As your baby grows, messes are going to be a familiar occurrence. If you want to protect your carpet while adding a splash of colour to the room look into a large area rug. You can use one large rug or several smaller area rugs, either way make sure they are made of easy to clean materials as they will take the brunt of the dirt and damage.

Image: Interiorimprovementblogspot