Lock box in front of our house

So, after much fighting on our behalfs, and some very dis-honest real estate people (thanks Jill and Lisa at Keller Williams), our house was sold yesterday. We now have 20 days in which to pack a 3000 square foot house and find someplace new to live. We tried to short sale the house, and we come to find out yesterday, during the house auction, that our "lovely" realtors NEVER submitted the offer that was put in on our house, and never even contacted our mortgage company... at least this is what the mortgage company is telling me every one of the six or seven times that I called them yesterday.

Who do I believe? The realtors who are getting offended because I don't believe them (with really no reason to believe them)... or the mortgage company who dragged us along for a year and a half, as we tried to modify our home loan, were finally put on a payment plan and then informed that they were foreclosing on our house because of the difference we didn't pay between our regular mortgage and the trial payment (note... we never stopped paying our mortgage, we were just paying the trial amount, which is exactly what they told us to do)? Who would you believe? Seems like both parties have been screwing with us, and now I don't really know who to believe.

As I'm writing this, I'm trying not to cry. Trying to be strong in front of the kids so they don't get upset also. Trying to leave the house, with the basement that we finished for our liking; a bedroom that we built "Star-Wars"-like specifically for Chad; and brought baby Reed into for the first time. No, I don't love the house. It needs LOTS of updates, but it's still our house. We've enjoyed it for the past four and a half years, and it really sucks that it's been brought to this.

And truly, I think that if the realtors we had been working with honestly did all that they could, and this was still the end result, I wouldn't feel so bad. I just feel so screwed over right now. That I was trusting all the people that were supposed to be working for us, only to find out, way too late, that nobody really was. It just shows me that I need to stop trusting people... and that really sucks!